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G w u o o t m 4623 :  Jerrod Carmichael on life after coming out during HBO special: 'I feel freer'

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05/14/2022 | News

Jerrod Carmichael was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday, where he discussed how his life has changed since coming out. The comedian publicly revealed he was gay during his HBO special Rothaniel, which premiered last month.

“I think I feel freer,” Carmichael said. “After coming out, you realize that, like — I realize a lot of people are in the closet about something. Through the process. It's inhibiting. Like, I realize I take better pictures since coming out because I'm not worried about looking gay. Was I not smiling because smiling is gay? So silly.”

Carmichael has been extremely busy since he came out. He hosted Saturday Night Live last month and made his directorial debut, On the Count of Three, which is what he was promoting on the late-night show.

While he is “freer” as a result of living openly, Carmichael admitted that living an honest life is still very new to him.

“A lie begets more lies and it's all you can think — at least me, it's all I can think about, the things I'm not saying,” Carmichael explained. “It's like being in, you know, A.A. or something. Like, one day at a time. Like, I didn't lie today. Today I didn't lie, it's OK.”





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Description : Jerrod Carmichael was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday, where he discussed how his life has changed since coming out. The comedian publicly revealed he was gay during his HBO special Rothaniel, which premiered last month.
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